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I specialize in the creation of extremely fast, reliable and secure web based applications; both the front and backend.   Please

do not take my word it, discern for yourself by carefully examining my live demos and web applications linked at the bottom of my


If you simply need a web presence at the moment, but desire a full blown web application in the near future, I can help you with a

great looking (static) website to get you online ASAP.  When the time comes and you're ready your web application, I'll convert your

static site into a fully dynamic site that handles your business logic requirements.


If you have a slow/cumbersome Wordpress or Joomla Website and desire a blazingly fast CMS, please contact me for a rewrite using

C++/MongoDb.  I've worked on several projects where Wordpress and Joomla customers need to extend their site into a professional

web application.  I've also recreated slow/cludgy Wordpress, Joomla and PHP modules that don't do exactly what the customer needs;

written using C++.  


I do believe that Wordpress, Joomla and PHP customized development is a technology well suited for both quite basic and low volumn

requirements.  Once you come to need more out of your systems, you've hit a rock wall.  If this describes your situation, and you

need a superior solution from the ground up, let's talk and I'll give you an honest answer with zero obligation.


Please note that I only recreate (using C++) and do not make any attempt to fix or extend crippled and/or existing Wordpress, Joomla,

PHP, or other technologies.  Additionally, my choice for databases is MongoDb.  If your data is in another format, I can export into

a new MongoDb structure.


I accept contracts once I have a clear understand the client's requierments.  While other developers may start coding without

further consideration, I believe this to be synonomous in building a house by laying brick without an initial floor, plumbing and

electrical plan.  Yes, I've seen both homes and software built just like this, and it's never a good thing.