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Ham and Cheese Sandwitch


Felica Konold was involved in a horrific vehicle accident in which she tragically went through the windshield. In those early morning hours of February 14th, she received hours of life-saving surgery, and was a day nobody involved expected her to survive.

PLAZA DE ARMAS - Felicia Konold faces more than 30 years of prison time if found guilty for the crime of marching at the “Stop The Steal” Protest on January 6th. She has been indicted for the ridiculous charge of “Conspiracy” for walking next to a group of Proud Boys. The fake news media has painted her as a “Proud Boy.” (She is NOT, the Proud Boys are an all-male fraternity and drinking club.) Felicia’s newborn son will be taken away by the government if she is convicted and sent to prison.  This is her incredible story.

While still asleep in the early morning of February 11, 2021, 20+ FBI Agents and Federal SWAT Team members kicked in the door to Felicia Konold’s farmhouse.  The 26-year-old single mother awoke suddenly to officers yelling from outside, “FBI! Come out of the house, now!”